New ToeJam and Earl Back In The Groove being released by Adult Swim

Back in the groove

FINALLY one of the greatest long forgotten Sega Genesis games is getting another chance, ToeJam and Earl Back In The Groove is being released on PC and consoles in 2017 by Adult Swim and Humanature Studios!

Toejam And Earl Back in the Groove

Adult Swim finished a successful Kickstarter campaign to release the game, and now all the nostalgia is back and better than ever. I was shocked when finding out the news, followed by pure excitement when I saw the new trailer for Back In The Groove.

As a HUGE Toejam and Earl fan since about the age of 5, I was thrilled to see the developers-Humanature Studios sticking to what EVERY ToeJam and Earl fan loved about the first game. The Elavators, music, mini-map, and presents are all back!


If you had the amazing opertunity to thouroghly enjoy the original TJ&E on Sega Genesis as a kid, then watch the trailer and let the nostalgia fuel your excitement for this amazing release of a retro gaming favorite!


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